VLC media player nightly nightly builds 32 Bit 2.2.0

Play everything from DVDs to digital audio clips and everything in between with this program

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    nightly builds 32 Bit 2.2.0

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.5 (408)

VLC Media Player Nightly is a free application that gives you a glimpse into the future of the widely popular VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player Nightly fills the gaps and provides support for Blu-ray discs, which is not provided in the original version. The program gives you the ability to work with and use enhancements to Blu-ray media, but it only supports partially encrypted discs for legal reasons. Several features improve upon the VLC Media Player, such as a search tool that makes it possible to find missing media files faster than in other versions.

Blu-ray support is the biggest advancement in this version of VLC Media Player. Even though only partially encrypted video files can be used, it still provides a great step forward in the ability to work with original Blu-ray discs. Filmmakers are going to find the new features extremely beneficial when creating demos and finalizing videos for the final cut. The player can also send audio to both Android and iOS devices, which makes working with your files even easier than before. The version is still a beta release and may be somewhat buggy, but it provides a great way to get a preview of what to expect in future versions and to work with smaller projects.

The player preview window allows you to use all the functions expected of a media player. The menu bar at the top of the screen gives you convenient access to frequently used tools, advanced menus and hidden functions. The media toolbar can be customized with a variety of icons using the toolbar customization options. Drag and drop new tools into the toolbar to customize it with only the tools you need for a particular project. The streamlined interface provides great ease of use and maximum flexibility to help you tackle the most complex projects. Choose from several languages, and select advanced options from the audio and video tabs in the configuration menu. You can also choose from a classic or more advanced skin.

Overall, this product provides plenty of useful features, but given that it is a beta version, it is only recommended for testing purposes. If you want to use a production level program, then it is best to stick to one of the fully developed versions of the software. The greatest benefit of the program is the inclusion of Blu-ray support. However, for those that do not need Blu-ray, it's best to stick with the classic VLC Media Player until this application is out of its beta testing stage.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides support for a wide range of audio and video files
  • Supports partially encrypted Blu-ray files
  • Sleek new sidebar makes using the application faster and more intuitive
  • Supports export to iOS and Android-based devices
  • Supports the inclusion of subtitles in the final product
  • Doesn't provide support for fully encrypted Blu-ray formats
  • Beta application may cause some issues with stability

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